Sunday, October 14, 2007

What is a “Moving Goalpost”?

When I first phrased it, I thought of it in terms of our “Changing Priorities”; individually, socially, culturally and economically.

But I had never thought of so many dimensions that this phrase has until I heard it from one of my friends.

i) "Vidhiya Ata": Things belonging to the natural rhythm and beyond our control.

ii) "Maya": Things beyond our understanding.

iii) “Asthirata”: Uncertainty

iv)"Chanchalata": Indecisiveness about the goal.

v) "Diganta": The horizon; we can never reach it, yet it directs us.

vi)"Maya Mruga": Allurement towards something not real.

Thank you Pranesh for giving my blog so many dimensions. :-)

In a broad sense, they together mean ‘the all pervading change’. They mean going beyond all that which looks certain, decisive and inevitable; a positive chaos that leads us to new ideas and thought streams.

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  1. When you have used all Bharatiya(Indian) terms for interpreting, why leave "Horizon"? The term "Diganta" can be used for that!!


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